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Bargain Wine Deals for Australia

We have a mission…to find the best wine deals in Australia and share them with you.

We’re about saving you money

Shopping around for wine can be great fun. Some people search for the same wine for less, while others get adventurous and try wines that they wouldn’t otherwise buy. What you do is your choice and either way you’re saving money.

What we do is save your the leg work.

We spend hours every day searching for the best wine bargains so that you don’t have to. Searching high, searching low, searching places others don’t go, we find the deals that others don’t and we unmask some of the mystery wines you’ll find around the web.

How we score our ratings

Tasting Sessions rates the best offers we can find from the web and in stores, based on discount, price, scarcity and quality. We’re not about scoring wines, we are about highlighting great offers.


We all love a discount, so our star rating is partially based on the discount you get.

Sometimes the wine trade can be a bit sneaky. The ‘recommended retail price’ (RRP) of wines rarely bear much resemblance to what you can really buy them for. When we see an offer that looks good we research the Real Price and the calculate discounts based on this.


Discounts are fine, but what if the wine is already considered great value? We try to take this into account too.

Let’s say that there are two Barossa Shiraz, both averaging 94 points from a set of wine judges. Wine A is usually sells for $20 and Wine B for $40. Let’s say Wine A is discounted to $12 (-40%) and WIne B to $20 (-50%)…does that make Wine A better value or Wine B? We like to think the answer is…’it depends’, because value is about more than just discount or price. It’s also about your personal taste.


We believe that the harder a wine is to find on special offer, the higher that wine’s offers should be rated.

If a major retailer has a wine on offer for 90 days, hikes it up to RRP for 30 days, and then drops the price back down for another 90 days is that really an offer? Well…kind of, but not one that’s going to be difficult to find, so you don’t need to worry about rushing in to grab it while you can.

But, if a winery runs a clearance sale once a year and that’s the only time you see their wines on offer, then you’d better get in quick. That’s when scarcity becomes a factor and we like to reflect that in our ratings, highlighting the bargains you’re less likely to see again.

Look out for those 4½ and 5 star ratings. Jump in quickly when you like one before stocks run out.


Quality is a matter of taste. Our ratings are based more on value for money than outright quality.

Ultimately the best way to know if you like a wine is to taste the wine, but that’s a bit tricky with current internet technology (see USB Wine). We have plans to tackle this, but until then we’ll have to rely on the ratings and reviews of others.

Australia has a wealth of respected, independent wine critics. James Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion is probably the best known, but there are many others such as Huon Hooke, Kim Brebach’s Wines under $20, Campbell Mattinson, Gary Walsh and Mike Bennie’s Wine Front to name a few.

We use and often quote their ratings, rather than re-inventing the wheel. These scores become our proxy for quality and contribute to our ratings.

We do get to try some of the wines ourselves 😉 and sometimes mention this in our reviews.

Who runs Tasting Sessions?

Tasting Sessions is run by David Swaddle and his team of wine enthusiasts.

Hailing from the UK, David has been involved in wine education for a couple of decades and doing ‘research and development’ since his teens. He has run literally hundreds of wine tastings over the years, including the largest ever UK consumer engagement program for Sainsbury’s.

Tasting Sessions started in 2006. More details coming soon….